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 We work on improving the collective creativity and well-being of your teams

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Total confidence in the joining of forces

Thanks to over 10 years of experience working with teams, we are convinced that everyone is capable of using their human qualities to build a team and that teams are able to imagine collective solutions which are totally adapted to the working context at hand.  We have been witness to how well “facilitating” managers, who listen to team members before putting forward pertinent solutions, help groups to communicate and resolve their own problems.

By observing our 1,500+ trainees, we have noticed...

  • Managers who feel empowered by new ways of thinking and the fact that their ideas have been brought to life through collective wisdom

  • Collaborators who work with meaning and are “120% with us, as though they were competing for a World Cup”

  • Lay-offs being avoided

  • A previously unknown team obtaining national recognition for their audacity

Simple, innovative and collaborative methods

Our creative and fun methods have been accredited by the Airbus Group University.  Our offer includes tools, a framework and trainer moderation to allow full participation of trainees. The workshops are structured to allow time for individual reflection, exchanges in small groups and plenary sessions.

For specific sessions on team dynamics, exceptionally we can invite our clients to emerge themselves in the creative process of a professional artist.  The team is drawn into the artist’s creative world and generates a collective work of art.

Our methods are based on:

  • Sharing perceptions and projections allowing each participant to develop an enhanced senseof comprehension of themselves and of others

  • Side-tracking using symbolic objects to allow harmonious exchanges.

  • Using the creative processes of artists to open up new fields of thought and limitless possibilities

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Exchange facilitator

Our role is not to give advice, but to provide the necessary space for structured and constructive exchanges to happen, to accompany public and private organisations to imagine their own way of being and how they want to work together.


We are there to allow

  • Each collaborator to express themselves freely

  • The team to find its own, unique organisation so that each member feels valued, a motivating force and therefore useful

  • Team members to feel comfortable helping one another rather than being in constant competition

  • The sharing of a common vision


From a strictly organisational standpoint, “Facilitators accept that organised systems are, by essence, intrinsically complex and that any attempt at change must be accompanied with humility. Their mission is to develop the “art of what is possible” whose objective is to accompany organisations in their quest to respond to economic constraints which can only be attained through harmony between those involved.”


Cf. “La facilitation des changements organisationnels” J. Bec, F. Granier, J. Singery.  Edition L’Harmattan.  Collection : conception et dynamique des organisations 2007.

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Our offer covers all the key factors for enhancing the quality of team life

We adhere to the precepts of the “Institut du Mieux Vivre en Entreprise” (Institute for Well-Being at Work) which has identified 5 key factors for well-being at work:

  • Autonomy

  • Contribution to internal organization and feeling useful

  • Feeling competent

  • Good working relations

  • Feeling of personal development

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Client satisfaction

Human Resource Directors, Chief Happiness Officers, Managerial Innovation Directors, Directors of cultural Structures, General Managers, Managing Directors of major associations, whose problems we know well, have given very positive feedback on our methods and we would like to thank them warmly here. 


Who do we work with on a daily basis?

  • Major industrial groups whose teams are often transnational, and more and more often with top management teams (Airbus, Manpower, Accor).

  • Small and Medium Sized companies having smaller teams

  • Company universities (Airbus Leadership University – accredited for the past 6 years – over 50 worldwide)

  • Local government teams

  • Cultural centres (arts, theatre, etc.)

  • Business clubs and institutes (Management clubs, professional institutes, clusters, etc.)

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Certified and experienced

Marie Messina received certification from the Airbus Leadership University in 2012. She is now one of only 50 people who are accredited to accompany middle and top management staff and their teams with day to day Leadership and Management problems in order to improve their efficiency.


The Airbus Leadership University is in charge of organizing tailored training courses for all levels of management;  they have accepted to share client feedback following an innovative session run by Perfectlovers. (click here)

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& qualified
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