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& working as a team
& innovation


Change management

Sharing a motivating and realistic view

Lowering apprehension to change and making it a driving force

Identifying shared ethics to affront change

Outlining team reorganisation together

Finding key areas for managerial innovation and how to implement them

Dealing with constraints and drawbacks

Apprehending future needs

Reorganising teams of between 5 and 200 people

Rethinking the role of the manager after rebranding


Work organisation and working as a team

Identifying and implementing key factors for well-being within the company

What are psycho-social risks?

What is a dream-team and how can we build one?

How can collaboration be mutually beneficial?

How can we work together more productively?

Finding a balance for sharing the workload

Understanding team-mates when we don’t do the same job

Building on tried and tested methods

Transversal collaborative techniques

How to share the workload

Encouraging spontaneous and constructive feedback

Avoiding and resolving conflict

Increasing confidence within the team


Creativity and innovation

Developing a creative mindset

Dare to innovate

Identifying and highlighting a team’s power of innovation

How to identify and implement managerial innovation

How observing a work of art can help managers in the workplace

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& working as a team
& innovation
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